Chris Bors, “Fail” courtesy of The Parlour Bushwick

This weekend’s art openings in Bushwick promise a diverse buffet of mediums. Everything from portraiture and sculpture to stop motion animation and live performances will be on view. There’s something for everyone so bring a friend! Bring the kids! Bring your mom! You won’t be disappointed.

#1 “Becoming…” @ Odetta Gallery (FRI 6-9 PM)

229 Cook Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Deborah Brown “Grand Infanta” Courtesy of Odetta Gallery

Four artists: Deborah Brown, Gregory Curry, Mary Dwyer, and Alice Momm come together in this show to breath a new life into portraiture, pushing the genre’s boundaries by capturing their subjects’ personalities in addition to their likeness, with “wit, beauty, and style.”

#2 “Caroline Cox: Porous” @ Studio 10 (FRI 7-9)

56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Caroline Cox: POROUS installation view, courtesy Studio 10

In her first solo exhibition with Studio 10, Caroline Cox will feature sculpture that sees no limits. These sculptures, made out of a vast array of materials, will come at you from every angle; the floor, the ceiling, and the walls will be covered in work, jogging your sense of of space and expectation of materials.

#3 “My Muse Brooklyn” @ ArtPhotoArt Gallery (FRI 7-10)

10 Goodwin Place, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Kyle Mumford, courtesy of ArtPhotoArtGallery

If you’re looking for an art show that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and make you feel better about your tiny apartment, scary street, and climbing rent) look no further than ArtPhotoArt’s “My Muse, Brooklyn!” This show highlights artists who have or who often are inspired by everyone’s favorite borough, you guessed it—Brooklyn!

#4 “The Flat Files: Year Two” @ TSA New York (FRI 7-10)

44 Stewart Avenue, #49, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Clockwise from top left: Erin O’Brien, Greg Slick, Beth Livensperger, Brian Cypher, Theresa Daddezio, Melissa Staiger, Terrence Hannum Jonathon Cancro, courtesy TSA New York

“The Flat Files: Year Two” is a very transformative show for TSA New York. It not only features over 30 amazing artist, but it marks the last show at it’s space on 44 Stewart Avenue before it transitions to it’s new space set to open in the new year. This show will also launch on the gallery’s online catalogue where you can find all of the work from “The Flat Files” as of November 14th.

#5 “Show #13” @ The Parlour Bushwick (FIR 6-9)

791 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Chris Bors, Zachary Trow, and Wei Xiaoguang come together to show their mixed media (and kind of badass?) work in the unique venue of a Bushwick townhouse.

#6 “Elegant Interiors” Videos & Live Music by Alice Cohen @ Microscope Gallery (SAT 7:30, $6)

1329 Willoughby Avenue #2B, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Still from “Elegant Interiors” (Alice Cohen, 2014) courtesy of the artist

For an evening of surrealist imagery and sounds, head to Microscope Gallery’s exhibition and live performance by artist and musician Alice Cohen. The show will feature Cohen’s stop motion animation that speak to our history of glamour and femininity, as well as a number of selected music videos. There will also be a collaborative, improvised musical performance by the Philadelphia rocker that will also incorporate Microscope Gallery’s specialty: projections!