You know that feeling you get on a Saturday night when you can’t remember if your dating profile password was “getmeoutofhere” or “miserableloneliness” and your bottle of Malbec is at its last drop? It’s the sort of feeling that makes you wish dating was less tragic and more entertaining? Well,

Kings County Saloon

has come up with an old fashioned alternative this Saturday night, November 15, in the form of Hugs Before Tugs: The Dating Game. The idea is to mimic the dating game shows from the days of yore, curtain questionnaires and all, in front of a live, liquored-up audience. The show will also feature live, liquored-up contestants and a gorgeous, liquored-up host in the stunning form of resident drag queen, Chicken Bitches.

There will be drink specials at the show, which will feature multiple rounds and several bachelor/ettes. The first round will be a simple Q and A between the lucky bachelor/ette and the even luckier contestants, the second being a slightly raunchier Q and A between Chicken Bitches and everybody. Prepare to see your kinkiest answer on your Okcupid profile seem like something out of Blues Clues. This will be followed by round three: the physical challenge, the exact details of which the owners of the bar are keeping a secret, but the Bushwick Daily was told to expect celebrity impressions and singing in some form. The winning couples will then be given the prize in the form of a date night out in our incredibly romantic neighborhood of Bushwick. Hopefully, this will be a “prize and not a punishment.” So here it is: the non-committal, non-judgmental, all fun opportunity to show off your sensual prowess and iron lined liver that you have been waiting for. Get at it, kids.

Hugs Before Tugs: The Dating Game @ Kings County Saloon, 1 Knickerbocker Ave (SAT 9PM, $free)