As mentioned in earlier articles, I have a bit of a thing for Craigslist and it has become my “go-to” for when I am bored (or procrastinating). Well, Craigslist just seems to be the gift that keeps giving because I discovered another gem while looking through the “creative gigs” section! This coming Saturday, November 1 from 9PM to midnight, an event called “happyokay” for one-night only will transform part of Livestream Public (the former 3rd Ward) building into a total immersive art experience.

If you are like me and get the “super moody blues” after any holiday (you should see me on December 26), then fret not – happyokay will keep you happy!  The event will combine classical ballet, film and interactive soundscapes and showcase dancers from the Dutch National Ballet and the NYC Ballet. This art event, which is a collaboration between NY-based video collective Last Hour (Bullett, Noisey, Wild Mag) and Amsterdam-based ballet & art collective, House of Makers (Nuit Blanche and Van Gogh Museum), will be a free and open to the public.

Christina, one of the masterminds behind “happyokay,” told us that the event is “inspired by the 1950s multidisciplinary art happenings in Japan, ‘happyokai’, and the ever-shifting digital playground for international collaboration.”

Furthermore, the event will continue to live on even after the stroke of midnight. “Following the event, the experience will live on through cutting the video installation,” explains Christina Lee, “and making it into a short film evoking another reality scored by Caroline Polachek who performs as Ramona Lisa.”

The event requires no reservations or tickets – which means you can stop in on your way to dinner or home from work. Additionally, happyokay will be livestreamed here (with help from Livestream Public) for all those too Halloween-hungover who just “simply cannot” (even though you really should).

happyokay @ Livestream Public, 195 Morgan Ave, Saturday, November 1 at 9PM-1AM. Admission free!