Beat Nite and Exchange Rates Are Taking Over Your Weekend Gallery Hop – What to See, Where to Be

Suzan Shutan’s “Blitz” in Storefront Ten Eyck’s “Abstraction and Its Discontents” opening during Beat Nite: Exchange Rates (Image courtesy of STE) (STE) presents a dynamic group show of abstract painting featuring: Adelmann, Atkinson, Bishop, Butler, Cabessa, Campbell, Cheetham, Corio, Fichera, Gehring, Guidry, Hatton, S. Jones, Joyner, Meyer, Perkins, Rose, Shutan, Simonova, Smal. During the opening reception for you can also see “French Paradox” for Exchange Rates as STE hosts French gallery , exhibiting Katerina Christidi, Frederique Lucien, Philippe Richard and Christophe Robe. Image courtesy of Museo Microcollection collaborates with , a conceptual museum based in Milan, Italy to produce a unique sound art piece featuring texts in Italian and French. Museo Microcollection’s founder Elisa Bollazzi has put the piece together with Paris-based artist/writer Hubert Renard with English translations by Paul D’Agostino. The piece’s premier will coincide with the closing reception for Centotto’s latest portfolio show “Of Wefts.”

This coming Friday 6-10PM, the 11th installment of Beat Nite brings on a special edition in conjunction with this weekend’s massive art celebration, Exchange Rates. If you are not yet familiar with Beat Nite, this is a late night gallery hop (and tradition!) where galleries and art spaces all over our industrial land stay open late. In this case, many of the Bushwick galleries will be hosting exhibitions by artists and galleries from other U.S. cities and abroad.

Beat Nite: Exchange Rates will include all spaces participating in Exchange Rates. With this event, which is put on by Jason Andrew and organized by Norte Maar, you will be able to catch Exchange Rates and Beat Nite all in one!

#1 “Abstraction and Its Discontents” @ Storefront Ten Eyck (THURS – SUN 12-6 PM daily, late night Friday)

324 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Suzan Shutan’s “Blitz” in Storefront Ten Eyck’s “Abstraction and Its Discontents” opening during Beat Nite (Image courtesy of STE)

#2 THEODORE:Art hosts Season and Blackwater Polytechnic (THURS – SUN 12-6 PM daily, late night Friday)

56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

Season’s Seth David Friedman’ gold plated bronze casts and carved objects for Exchange Rates at Theodore:Art (Image courtesy of Season)

THEODORE:Art is geared up to host Season from Seattle, Washington and Blackwater Polytechnic  from Essex, UK, alongside the gallery’s featured artists Sharon Butler, Joyce Robins and Andrew Seto. Andrew Yoder of Season is bringing sculptures by Seth David Friedman and paintings by Michael Ottersen, while Blackwater Polytechnic celebrates the rich Utopian history of Essex County with works bridging the gap between aesthetic quality, design and practical making in the construction industry.

#3 Centotto partners with Museo Microcollection (FRI 6-10 PM)

250 Moore St. #108, Brooklyn, NY 11203

Image courtesy of Museo Microcollection

#4 “This Dust” @ TSA New York (FRI 6-10 PM)

44 Stewart Ave. #49 Brooklyn, NY 11237

Alana Lake’s “The Flag of Bonnie Tyler” in TSA New York, “This Dust” opening during Beat Nite (Image courtesy of TSA)

TSA New York will be hosing the Berlin-based collective enterprise GSL Projekt during Beat Nite: Exchange Rates, presenting a group showcase of  intense engagement with aesthetics and infinite possibilities. The artists in “This Dust”  use various aesthetic, visual and intellectual strategies to engage with those unknown worlds and realities, allowing themselves to fall over the precipice to reach them.

#5 “Codes of Color, Sites for Emotions”@ ArtHelix Gallery (FRI 6-9 PM)

299 Meserole St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

ArtHelix Gallery opens “Codes of Color, Sites for Emotions” during Beat Nite: Exchange Rates (Image courtesy of ArtHelix)

ArtHelix opens with an energetic new show during Beat Nite, featuring work by Finnish artist Mari Rantanen. In creating what she hopes are exceptional places and spaces for emotions, Rantanen combines motifs from numerous cultures to positively narrate the history of visual cultures and everyday life. “Codes of Color, Sites for Emotions” promises to be a bright and vibrant stop along the Beat Nite path, making the visible more visible and giving color to that which is not immediately visible.

#6 Christopher Patch, Cate Giordano and Ech-O-Cham-Ber @ The Parlour Bushwick (FRI 6-9 PM)

791 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221

The Parlour Bushwick hosts Ech-O-Cham-Ber (Image courtesy of Ech-O-Cham-Ber)

Video art, printmaking, and philosophy fittingly collide as The Parlour Bushwick presents artists Cate Giordano and Christopher Patch alongside the collaborative group Ech-O-Cham-Ber from London. Their fictional melodramas, obscure narratives and theoretical-based practices seemed like an unlikely fit but common grounds were found as each artist proved to look to the past to create in the present in their art-making practice.

#7 Fuchs Projects hosts a British artists invasion (THURS – SUN 12-6 PM daily, late night Friday)

56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

“Oxidisation” by Patrick Jameson of Queens Park Railway Club (Image courtesy of Rafael Fuchs)

Rafael Fuchs hosts a British invasion starting this Thursday inside Fuchs Projects, partnering with A BROOKS ART from London, featuring Sadie Hennessy and Julia Riddiough, as well as Queens Park Railway Club from Glasgow, featuring John Butler, Patrick Jameson, Ellis Luxemburg. Special guests include Irish artist Phil Davison and Brooklyn-based photographer Leland Gorlin.

Fuchs Projects will also exhibit new works by Rafael Fuchs in “The Golden Calf” which is a continuation from this year’s “LandLords” exhibit.

#8 “Controversy: Public vs. Private in Performance Art” @ Grace Exhibition Space (FRI 8 PM – Midnight)

840 Broadway, 2nd Fl. Brooklyn, NY 11206

Image courtesy of Kira O’Reilly

A special performance event will take place inside Grace Exhibition Space by London-based artist Kira O’Reilly. Dramatic visuals will consume as O’Reilly combines biotechnical practices and writing into her performance as speculative reconfigurations around the body. During the Friday night’s “Controversy,” O’Reilly will explore ways to open the senses and enhance bodily awareness in space, place and environment. As viewers witness her alternative encounters within the exhibition space, mutual sensory exploration and skewed visions are likely to ensue.

#9 “Noise above Noise” + Beat Nite After Party @ The Vazquez (FRI 6-10 PM; 10 PM-late)

93 Forrest Ave. at Central, Brooklyn, NY

Noise Above Noise at The Vazquez (Image courtesy of The Penthouse)

To get you pumped before the Beat Nite after party, The Vazquez hosts a special Noise Above Noise event featuring new live sound art works by The Penthouse artists from England. Known back home as Manchester’s finest sound art show, this performance series works with stunning visuals and emphasizes the physicality of various art practices that consider sound.

Literally elevating the Beat Nite experience to The Vazquez rooftop, Noise above Noise will be all the rant and rave as Beat Nite’s 11th edition after party runs from 10pm to late. The after party will  feature DJ Parker and performance by Paradise Club; tickets are $5 at the door and include two drink tickets.

Beat Nite takes place Friday, October 24th — download a copy of the map!

Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo takes place Thursday October 23 – Sunday, October 26.  Check out all of the Exchange Rates listings at

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