Alphaville – work in progress back in July (photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

Back in July we told you about the next project of Skylar Insler, a co-owner of Alaska bar. Together with Scott Rosenthal, (who is also a part of prominent Brooklyn band, Class Actress), they have been working to open a dive bar/restaurant and most importantly eventually also a music venue on 140 Wilson Ave. Alphaville after months of work opens tonight! 

Alphaville wrote on Facebook:

We’re not 100% done with this wondrous hunk of wood and brick and cement, but close enough.This Thursday evening we are opening our doors to the clamoring, Yelping populace. Come soak in our benevolent incandescent glow and warm your rosy cheeks with some whiskey and beer.If you come early enough you can glimpse the solar eclipse with us and wonder if we planned it this way.”It was my first night in Alphaville, but it felt like I’d been there for centuries.” – Lemmy Caution

Go check out Alphaville tonight at 140 Wilson Ave, Bushwick. The fun starts at 5:30PM. Follow them on Facebook