Bushwick Open Studios is here again! Were you entirely exhausted after last year’s—running in and out of every single studio, opening door after door until you felt like you were in an M.C. Escher painting? Were you dehydrated, dizzy, and confused while trying to understand if the dog tied up outside was art or just a dog? Asking for a friend…anyway, fear not! If you would like to plan your visit a bit better this year, we have narrowed down the 616 events, openings, and studios to a few suggestions in our No BS BOS Guide. Also, don’t be shy! Come say hello to Bushwick Daily at Brooklyn Brush Studios throughout the weekend.

Seeking Space @ The Active Space (FRI 7-9PM)

The official BOS visual arts group exhibition, Seeking Space, features the works of over 30 artists from Brooklyn and beyond. Now in its fifth year, the show is put together by artists and AiB Organizers Julia Sinelnikova and Jillian Salik. Get ready for their Friday night kick-off with live music, projection art and performance!

Kings & Queens @ Lorimoto (FRI 6-9PM)

Image courtesy of Lorimoto

In conjunction with BOS 2014 Lorimoto focuses on artists that live/work in the Bushwick/Ridgewood Community. Gallery owners Lori and Nao will also open their studios Saturday and Sunday. The show will continue through BOS weekend until June 29th, with works by Alex Chowaniec, Max Yawney, Charlotte Becket and Nao Matsumoto.

Framed Practices @ Parenthesis Art Space, Brooklyn Brush Studios (SAT 12 NOON)

‘Framed Practices’ at Parenthesis Art Space (Photo by Katie Killary for Bushwick Daily)

The salon style group show Framed Practices explores how contemporary art frames itself to fit within the archaic structure of consumer art while accepting art practice as a commodity. Visitors can also catch an evocative photo mural titled “90” displayed on the building’s facade.

From the Vault @ Fuchs Projects Gallery (FRI 5-7PM)

Fuchs Projects brings back photographic works from its “vault” during Bushwick Open Studios, together with works from previous exhibitions held at the gallery. Get ready for a wild ride for your eyes as we take a look back at some of Rafael’s select artist pieces.

A Tale of Two Cities Exhibition and Book Launch @ Bizarre Black Box Gallery (FRI 7PM-4AM)

Image courtesy artsinbushwick.org

Meryl Meiser’s photography of Bushwick’s ever changing landscape and culture is always fascinating and curated with endearment, humor, and honesty about the neighborhood. In this show, Meiser will reveal the disco scene that arose despite the area’s bankruptcy, crime and drug problems.  The event will be followed by a Disco dance party, featuring performances by Merrie Cherry, Bushwick Burlesque GoGo dancers, Wild Torus and more.

Odetta Gallery Opening Day @ Odetta Gallery (SAT 6-8PM)

Rob de Oude – Courtesy artsinbushwick.org

Two Bushwick rock stars that are definite studio stops are Rob de Oude, for his geometric paintings that are like crack for your eyes, and Enrico Gomez who creates beautiful abstractions of traditional shapes and symbols. In addition to checking out their studios, you can see their work, among others, in a brand new space. Odetta Gallery opens to the public on Saturday with it’s inaugural show featuring work by Joe Amrhein and Markus Linnenbrink in addition to Gomez and de Oude.

Deborah Brown Open Studio and Reception @ Storefront Ten Eyck (SAT 7-10PM)

Courtesy artsinbushwick.org

Deborah Brown’s work is a can’t miss. Her luscious and inviting colorful paintings depict urban junkyards and wastelands through a dreamscape or sci-fi lens. She invites you to look at your surroundings in a new way, and the expert level at which she paints neon cars stacked upon one another, or the way she exposes the beauty of urban decay will leave you mystified. This is why we’re extra excited to see how her style transforms in her new series, “Têtes,” which are inspired by classic portraiture and historical paintings.

These Arabesques @ Associated Gallery (FRI 7-9PM)

Image courtesy of Associated Gallery

Associated unveils These Arabesques by Alan Longino with artists Ryan Brennan and Takuji Hamanaka as they explore the meaning of “new media” in the 21st century and how the web’s arabesques are done and undone over time.

NEWD Art Show’s Inaugural Weekend @ The 1896 (FRI-SUN 12-7PM)

Jonathan Van Dyke (image courtesy of NEWD Art Show)

Described by 20×200 as “a counterpoint to the existing art fair model” NEWD Art Show presents young artists in conjuction with new programs focused on how to best support emerging careers, critically and commercially. In its inaugural show, NEWD brings together local curatorial voices and seeks to discover experimental curatorial initiatives. Located at 592 Johnson Avenue, The 1896 is also home to over 30 artist studios—perfect for Bushwick Open Studios weekend!