All photos by GoodKrak for Bushwick Daily

Although they’ve been slyly soft opened for the last two nights, tonight is the grand opening of a long anticipated addition to the Bushwick culinary scene, Montana’s Trailhouse. Montana Masback been sitting on this space, which used to be a gas station, for just shy of two years. And that investment of time has paid off, in spades. The atmosphere is efficiently and precisely executed. Each detail shines (bat wallpaper? Clue tap handles?) without overwhelming the general atmosphere of delightfully rough-and-tumble homeyness.

The Roost, a small dining room off the main room.

The main dining room, complete with a bookshelf that spins open onto a side yard.

Montana’s Trailhouse is a rustic oasis in our desert of urban sleek. Slide down into the benches on the deck and feel the wind whistle through the planters. Go ahead and forget for a moment that you’re trapped (for better or worse) in the busiest metropolis in the country, and, instead, imagine that you’ve somehow found your way onto the Appalachian trail. Stop and rest, and grab some much-needed drink and sustenance in the Trailhouse.

The menu was designed by the Head Chef, Nate Cortland, to evoke the healing powers of country food. Thus, the addition of horseradish to a root beer braised brisket ($23), and the crispy cauliflouers draped in duck proscuitto ($11). And they’ll also be serving a late night menu until 3 AM which includes a corndog ($5). Furthermore, a moderately priced, inventive, cozy brunch will be served on weekends. Go check it out, and let us know how the Fried Chicken Biscuit ($8) is.

Montana Masback, looking fly in his beautiful new restaurant.

And you simply must try a switchel ($5), if only to say that you’ve done it. The vinegar based concoction is a healing elixer straight from the Appalachians, designed to knock any hangover off its feet in one gulp and get you back on the road. And since they’re also making cocktails with it, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Montana’s Trailhouse is located at 445 Troutman St, and is open for dinner and late night food till 3 AM every day except Sunday, when they close at 12 AM. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 3 PM.