Cover of Julia Bryan-Wilson’s Art Workers: Radical Practice in the Vietnam Era (2009). (via

Feel the need to confer on the topic of pay for your artistic labours? This Sunday’s Arts in Bushwick Panel Discussion at Radio Bushwick from 5-6PM will converse on owing up in the art world and address the issue of unpaid arts labour. This is AiB’s second panel in anticipation of the upcoming Bushwick Open Studios event (May 30 – June 1), and will be moderated by Hyperallergic contributor Alexis Clements. The unfortunate reality of the art world is that many creative jobs tend to be regarded as volunteer or intern work, resulting in capable art workers missing out on paid opportunities or being pushed out of their field altogether.

It’s enough to boil any artist’s blood. See how this tense topic is handled among panelists Ross Perlin (Intern Nation), Tal Beery (Occupy Museums), Maureen Connor (Occupy Museums), Ventiko (Ventiko Animamus Art Salon), and Jillian Steinhauer (Hyperallergic), and what you can do as an artist to avoid having your work be taken for granted.

For insight on the vibe and flow of these panel discussions, read about last month’s panel on the Future of Affordable Housing.