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Bushwick Now

Each Friday, AiB will collaborate with Bushwick Daily to bring a weekly roundup of all the upcoming events, panel discussions, and art reviews they feature leading up to this year’s Bushwick Open Studios!

Spring is finally starting to settle in as AiB goes into high-gear for this year’s Bushwick Open Studios! To get you up to speed, here is a 1-2-3 on what our organization has been up to this spring. Enjoy!

Curious about how the biggest open studio event in NYC takes shape? Check out a recap on one of our annual mixers held at Tutu’s!

Fresh paintings by artist Tirtzah Bassel at Slag, one of the many galleries located at the 56 Bogart Street building, give an energetic portal into the action in non-action taking place in some of our most familiar spaces.

Wondering what else Arts in Bushwick is doing when it’s not organizing BOS? AiB organizers Sessa Englund and Julia Sinelnikova have created a series of Panel Discussions to address issues pertinent to our artistic community. Find out more about the first one, which addressed the effects of gentrification and affordable housing, and be sure to attend the next discussion, taking place at Radio Bushwick this Sunday, April 27th, at 5pm.

Have the still windy days kept you inside more than you would like? Catch up on some awesome shows around the ‘hood, such as Pleasure Jail, a series of intimate musical gatherings hosted by Alex Cvetovich at Silent Barn.

Last but not least, follow along with an upcoming series on BOS HUB’s, starting with a preview of Outlet, which includes their current show and what they have planned for the big weekend!

Are you interested in contributing to the Arts in Bushwick Blog? We are looking for writers and photographers who are interested in collaborating with our team to create dynamic, in-depth, and original content! Email [email protected] for more information!

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