Now that Earth Day is here, and NYC has finally sprung into full Spring mode, let us rejoice by putting on a floral ensemble or cut off jeans to hit up the outdoors for some much needed sunshine. Before penciling in an afternoon picnic at Maria Hernandez Park, channel your inner eco-thespian at The Bushwick Starr who has a Go Green line-up of Earth Day plays and activities this weekend.

The Bushwick Starr is hosting the 4th Annual eco-playwriting program by the Big Green Theater. Shows will be Saturday and Sunday, with a special preview event on Friday night sponsored by ArtLab—an ongoing blog and series at the interface of art and science founded by Maryam Zaringhalam.

Big Green Theater (BGT) is the brainchild of eco-theater collective Superhero Clubhouse (SHC) and nonprofit theater Bushwick residents all know and love, The Bushwick Starr. BGT is an annual eco-playwriting program celebrating environmental education, sustainability in the arts, and community enrichment. Original plays written by Bushwick’s PS123 5th grade students are performed by a professional ensemble using only green theater methods. BGT is a collaborative effort bringing together students, thespians, and the Brooklyn community to promote environmental awareness, transforming a creative outlet for the exploration of ecological concepts and concerns into a theatrical event for all to enjoy.

If you want to really get into the intersection between environmentalism and art, then go to ArtLab’s Friday night event. ArtLab will host a conversation between SHC “Captain” Jeremy Pickard and The Bushwick Starr’s creative director Noel Joseph Allain along with talks by Dr. Jennifer Jacquet and Dr. Katherine Alfredo, both environmental scientists and BGT visiting researchers. This SciArt nightcap will explore our ecological relationship with food and water and the role of the arts in enhancing science education.

Showtimes include:

Friday, April 25th at 8 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, April 26-27 at 4 p.m.

A Saturday Benefit Performance at 7 p.m. is $18, so reserve tickets for this good cause today.

Stay tuned for my review of ArtLab’s Friday night event on Bushwick Daily.