Our new column will present a flashcard featuring an amazing artist living or showing in Bushwick. Some of them might be new faces while others might be artists working or living here for years. Our goal is to encourage the growth of art scene and to acknowledge wonderful talent in our hood! If you know of an artist you would like to suggest for Artist FlashCards, please fill out our online form.

Who: Yun-woo Choi

From: Seoul, South Korea

What: Ethereal cityscapes and anthropomorphic figures constructed from newspaper, resin, wire, and light.

Where you’ve seen his work: Installed in the middle of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center recent WAH Bridges Bushwick group show in November and in his studio at his 56 Bogart studio.

Online: http://www.yunwoochoistudio.com/

“From the Beginning- 03292011,” 2011 (photo courtesy of the artist)

Why we’re into it: Yun-woo’s work is impossible to miss and occupies the entire space at an exhibition. His newspaper and resin sculptures are meticulous and typically exhibited free-floating, as if hanging in limbo.  While there is a sense of realism in the cities or the anthropomorphic, creature-like bodies he creates, they are purely from his own machinations and caught between the material and the intangible. Starting with the most two-dimensional of materials -newspaper- Choi successfully inhabits three-dimensional space through the manipulation and working of the material. Choi’s most recent work, “Project 72-1” (2013) is an ambitious work in which the artist uses the familiar newspaper and resin built up creating a floating vessel where gravity and time don’t seem to be a factor. In his artist statement of his creative process, Choi proclaims, “just because of my endless dualistic conceptualizing, my mind which was originally seamless oneness is divided into numerous fragments.”