Jacqueline (photo by courtesy of Jacqueline Mary)

Jacqueline Mary is an artist. Jacqueline Mary likes to ride her bike. Jacqueline Mary is an all around babe living in Bushwick.

And no, this is not a bad Venmo commercial. Jacqueline is like you and me, with one big exception: Jacqueline is disabled after a bicycle accident. In April 2011, Jacqueline was riding her bike when she hit an abandoned track, and went flying over the handlebars. “I managed to fall in such a way that I ended up with all 3 bones protruding from my body,” she messaged us on Facebook. Jacqueline just went through another surgery, and it was “a doozy” she said. Jacqueline has been recovering slowly, but until she’s well enough to drive or even ride a bike again, she is relying heavily on cabs to get to and from work in Greenpoint. (You can read more about her condition here.)

Now, here comes the good part. UBER, a popular app you can use to “hail” a cab with your smartphone, is running a promo. New users get a free $20 credit on their account if they sign up with a referral code, and so will the referrer.  A ride from Bushwick to Greenpoint costs roughly $20, so each person who signs up with Jacqueline’s referral code, and takes the free cab ride, gives her a ride to work! Uber can be used for something good for a change. It is a win-win situation for everybody – or, as Jacqueline puts it, “it is a win for humanity/intersectionality/crippled babes.”

Jacqueline’s referral code is: uberjacqueline

Good luck, Jacqueline!