Sculpture by Liz Atzberger at Rock Street (photo by Katarina Hybenova)

A small collection of things overheard and said during BOS13.

“The vibe is different this year.”

I heard variations on this sentence quite a few times during Open Studios. Rumors of New York Times reporters or Jerry Saltz wandering around weren’t at the forefront of conversation. Instead, it seemed that people were grasping the idea that it is now impossible to see everything – also that it is possible to be looked over during the weekend.

“Do you want to hang it on the wall?”

One of the beauties of BOS is the happenstance meta-happenings of the larger happening. That is, while milling about and engaging in conversation – we are always creating something. Artist or not: Constant creation is helpful.

“I feel obligated to see my friend’s studios – which makes it harder to see things that I might not see otherwise.”

Sorry. You’ll just have to make a choice. You may not see all of your friend’s studios and shows either.

“That show was filled with art that was an earnest rehashing of ideas.”

The above is rather paraphrased from a longer observational conversation of the pros and cons of this event. Sometimes a show just doesn’t do it for you. Sometimes Bushwick Open Studios feels like an art fair. As humans, it seems that we have to complain a little to fully enjoy things.

“This is my favorite Bushwick Open Studios yet.”

That one was from me. From Japanther playing a surprise free show at the Living Gallery to having a listing at an accidentally-on-purpose non-existent address. This year was a blast.

“Thank you very much.”

This is the most important phrase that we hear all weekend. Thank you for your time. Thank you for coming out. Thank you for the conversations. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for creating this. Thank you.