All photos by Brittany Natale for Bushwick Daily.

Bushwick Open Studios wouldn’t be complete without a visit to 56 Bogart. Just steps away from the Morgan stop, this art wonderland is home to not only a ton of artist studios but also houses some of Bushwick’s beloved galleries. Here is just a little glimpse down the 56 Bogart rabbithole:

The usual first stop in 56 Bogart: Momenta Art.

Chloe Bass‘ installation “The Bureau of Self Recognition” at Momenta Art allows visitors to track self recognition through various exercises. This project “attempts to define the nature of the ‘daily’ as either fully formed within us or as a social construct”.

Next stop was Fuchs Projects to see “The Modernism of Curiosity”, an exhibit of photographs by Rafael Fuchs from the Lis family’s private collection.

Various photos scatter the walls – from colorful ones, such as of Derek Jeter (ah yes, my middle school crush) to more subdued black and whites.

En route to the third floor I stumbled upon Eric Lindveit‘s studio, where work inspired by skin disorders and New York City street trees were found throughout.

Oh yeah, I also ran into a very happy BOS goer.

My last stop in 56 Bogart was the studio of Kelsey Knutson, an artist who uses art as a “non-verbal way of communicating”.

However, even though I left 56 Bogart to continue on my journey I was met by even more art – on the sidewalk.

Artists Wyatt Mills and Matt Dobbs had created their own makeshift gallery in a U-Haul van and along a garage wall. Extra points for creativity.

As I left  Bogart St. I was serenaded by a singing group atop a funky bus. Until next year BOS…