A movement, a new fabric, a piece of clothing… Fashion was everywhere during Bushwick Open Studios. For the artists it is a way to express their art, to publicize their work or just to highlight a character. Here are a few picks.

Sean O’Connor is a plastic artist. And he only wears one kind of shoes. So when they are too destroyed, he transforms them into art — something about “human combustion,” he describes it.

Another universe… Max Steiner makes Art for Playboy: he designs bunny masks for the magazine, using laser cutting and thermo-forming. The result is futuristic plexiglass blindfolds and Bunny ears.


His work also caught the eye of The Blonds, a fashion duo who styles *celebrities* such as Katy Perry. His other work includes very detailed origami, one of his passion: “I started at when I was 5 years old…” he tells us.


Clothes say a lot about someone. They can have a way of giving life to a still photograph, like in this picture by Rafael Fuchs displayed at 56 Bogart, Fuchs Project.

Sometimes, fashion and photography are just meant to meet. As Mike Schreiber describes it : “I am not seeking it, but it seems that fashion photography is the direction I am taking”.

When it comes to art, fashion can also come in unusual ways, like in the work of Seungmo Park.

His sculptures are the result of a 3-part process: molding of a real figure; wrapping it with metal; and then unwrapping.

Talking about unexpected ways… From what we saw, the craziest fashion statement must be this guy. And yes those are milk cartons…

As Coco Chanel said :

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

And isn’t it Art itself ?

Photos : Renee Ligtvoet (www.reneeligtvoetphotography.com)