9 Art Events to Help You Discover Every Corner of Bushwick…and Then Some!

Is it just me or has Bushwick gotten bigger? This week Bushwick and its surrounding neighbors are hosting a great number of must-see events that will prove to expand our already well-defined artistic palate. Rather than focusing on individual events this week, we at Bushwick Daily will highlight destinations for the discerning gallery-goer. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, I’m sure one of the following localities will be sure to hit the spot!

Off Jefferson L

1., 2., and 3. Openings @ 1717 Troutman (Saturday 6-10 PM)

Gravity Light @ Parallel Art Space (courtesy of www.parallelartspace.com)

This famed building that straddles the border between Ridgewood and Bushwick will open its doors for openings of three of its galleries: Parallel Art Space, Bull and Ram, and Harbor Gallery. Compare and contrast the artist Henry Chung and Jennifer Grimyser at Harbor’s De-Rezzed exhibition, see the new paintings of Mike Olin at Gravity Light at Parallel, and attend Bull and Ram’s last show of the season, featuring works by Gwenn Thomas and Sarah Mattes. Each gallery will have its own independent opening, yet as anyone who has been to an opening at this venue knows that the space opens up to its visitors, and you can purposefully or aimlessly wander – it’s up to you!


Off the Morgan L

4. Alli Miller and Trey Burns: Wessel Castle @ et al Projects (Friday, 7-10 PM)

Alli Miller and Trey Burns, Wessel Castle (courtesy of www.etalprojects.com)

The latest installation of the collaboration between artists Alli Miller and Trey Burns investigates America’s sign culture and how it is presented in its liminal framework within public, shared space. The photographs on display capture scenes from all over American highways, focusing on the outskirts and largely forgotten portions of our landscape. As their name represents a conflation of Tom Wesselman and White Castle, the exhibition also suggests a crossroads in American culture from the idealization of consumerism in Pop Art to its gross over-realization in today’s car culture.


North and South—Pushing the boundaries of the neighborhood

5. Gridworks: A Solo Exhibition from A Ben Miller @ Transfer (Saturday, 7-10 PM)

[vimeo 63698561 w=400 h=300]

The new-kid-on-the-art-block off of Metropolitan Ave will be hosting their second exhibition, featuring the work of the diverse A Ben Miller, covering a wide range of media including collage, drawing, video, and transmedia. Focusing on the grid, Miller will explore how our environment has been remodeled, reshaped and redisplayed through the use of perpendicularly intersecting lines, both real and theoretical.


6.  Shoulder Touch @ SARDINE (Saturday, 6-9 PM)

Janine Polak “Shoulder Touch” at SARDINE (courtesy of sardinebk.com)

Experience the intimate sculptural world of Janine Polak, who utilizes familiar, everyday objects and reconfigures them to facilitate an unnatural and unexpected experience for the viewer. Whether evoking an emotional, tactile or physical response, the work is sure to nudge you in a new and exhilarating way.


7. Lautaro: ESSENTIALLY Closing Reception and Artist Lecture @ Apostrophe (Friday, 5-9pm)

This is your LAST CHANCE to experience Lautaro’s massive paintings at Apostrophe. Lautaro experiments with the layering of his paint to produce visually stimulating works that play with the viewer’s perception of space and depth. Architecturally inspired lines and bold colors produce wonderfully captivating works.  Even if you have already seen the show, come for an opportunity to meet the artist as he discusses his work in further detail.


We felt that two exhibitions outside of Bushwick deserved our attention this week.

8.  Atmospheric Pressure @ WAH Center (Friday, 6-8 PM)

Atmospheric Pressure at WAH (courtesy of wahcenter.net)

Housed within the historic Kings County Savings Bank building, the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, has been an incubator for emerging visual and performing arts in Williamsburg since 1996. Atmospheric Pressure is a self-proclaimed “young artists collection” hailing from all over the area, but will feature many prominent Bushwick artists. The theme of the show’s curator, Brittany Natale, centers around the notion that pressure and discomfort are sources for inspiration and change.


9.  Uncharted Waters: Reverse 2013 @ Reverse in Williamsburg (Friday, 7-10 PM)

“Osteuropa cloud,” Aleksey Yudzon, 2013, watercolor and gouache on paper (courtesy of reversespace.org)

Reverse Space established itself as an artist community almost one year ago as a place for artists to experiment and nurture all kinds of innovative and diverse forms of expression. This Friday marks the opening of their inaugural exhibition – a showcase of a selected group of artists within their community. Spanning across all forms of media, the artists are bound together with a unified interest in the investigation of topographies, both familiar and foreign. Get lost on your own adventure as you navigate your way through your own uncharted territory.


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