As you might remember, Arts in Bushwick (that egalitarian organization Bushwick Daily profiled last week) launched their new year-round blog a few weeks ago. Arts in Bushwick bloggers have been busy gallery-hopping, bar-flying and mingling with artists on the ground, all to offer readers fresh perspectives on the goings-on about town:

Peep inside a total stranger’s bag here.

Do you know artist Megan Jolly? Watch this video. Now you do. No reading required.

Too busy to check out the latest gallery shows? Not us! Talia Shulze on what the heck Cuidad Saudade even means, Rebecca Norton’s uber-descriptive spot on Celestial Dome at Trestle Gallery makes you forget you didn’t go, and Etty Yaniv reports on the latest at Slag Gallery

You probably know Lucia Rollow. You may have read about her various projects here…or even here… But you may not know the dark side to this community projects powerhouse, uncovered by photographer and contributor Benj Shand in ‘something about the mystery

It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Find out why.

BOS ’13 introduces CinemaSunday – One week left to submit your best short!!

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