No, this is no grandma’s rant about how everything changes before you even get used to the old stuff. But the truth is that big changes are coming for Bushwick Daily. Some really, really good changes. Consider it a present from us to you by occasion of our approaching second birthday…

The first thing you will notice on Monday morning when you load Bushwick Daily page (and I know that that’s the first thing you do after you wake up, am I right? [wink]), is the brand new web design!

We’ve had the current design for almost a year, and as much as we like it, we think it’s time to move on. Together with our neighborhood, Bushwick Daily has been growing: we have had more contributors [looove!] and have been doing more comprehensive coverage of our beloved pigeon town [fun!] and there have been some really good events [paarty!]! The new site will reflect the direction where Bushwick Daily is going, and also will be a better tool for the community to find out about all the stuff we love and talk about in Bushwick. It will be easier to look for the posts and topics you’re interested in, and most importantly we will have a new, absolutely brilliant events calendar! Bushwick is growing into an exciting arts and culture mecca, and we need to inform more effectively about what’s going on in town. New calendar will enable the venues and members of the community to register and list their events on Bushwick Daily for free. Naturally, we will continue highlighting the events we like the best by creating top weekly events and editor’s picks.

All these exciting changes are happening thanks to our collaboration with Blankslate, who have been pampering a number of rad neighborhood blogs into perfection.

I could obviously talk about this for hours (and I didn’t even mention new cute icons, did I?) but it’s probably better to simply see it. So I’m wishing you an amazing (really) eventful weekend, and I see you on the other site!