Rona Davis

Art can be transformative in the way it crosses cultures, privilege and boundaries; this needs to be accessible to the youth of Bushwick. It’s time to create a space in the community preserved for the kids in this community to create, engage, connect and participate with their peers to become conscious community members and leaders. 

The Bushwick-born youth visual and performance arts movement, Educated Little Monsters (ELM) have been displaced over and over again in the last decade. Permanent access to a space in the community will serve as a community center for the youth and act as a hub for the ELM team to have a central organizing space for their other projects (Bushwick Open Studios, Arts in Bushwick and Bushwick Street Art.) This space should fund itself as all proceeds from the affiliations will be directed towards Educated Little Monsters; creating a stable environment for the youth. 

The best way to show your support for the ELM’s goal of a space of their own right now is to  become a monthly supporter of the organization which you can do right here

Or you can also learn more about the organization by visiting Paradice Palase today between 4 and 7 p.m. ELM is hosting a Sidewalk Gallery Exhibition and will feature Performances organized by ELM youth.

Must wear masks and social distance. 

This is an event to create more awareness for Educated Little Monsters. 

Cover photo by Jazo Brooklyn.

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