Soap bubbles, tiny tequilas, violently damaged Golem of Bushwick, poetry, industrial landscape, multi-person ping pong, Joy Ride…and I have barely started to describe how was the Friday night in the name of citydrift.

Citydrift is a project created and produced by Peter Hopkins (who wrote a great essay on letting go about it) and Meenakshi Thurikode, both from The Bogart Salon. After Bushwick, citydrift will take place in other cities of the world.

On Friday night, small groups of about 2 to 10 people began to drift from one of the drift sites. Experiencing accidental or intentional art of the night Bushwick landscape was the goal of the Friday night drifting, and participants were sharing their experience on social media using the hashtag #citydrift. I joined the drift of Meenakshi Thurikode and naturally I couldn’t pass a drift organized by Mama Joy’s titled Joy Ride. Mama Joy’s hired an awesome car illuminated by crazy LED lights and was offering free rides to Mama Joy’s. Meenakshi, referencing an old Indian myth, was prompting her drifters as well as other randomly encountered people to whisper a wish in her ear that was promised to come true. Other drifters on her experience team included poets Modesto Flako Jimenez, Zohra Saed, Kiran Chanda,  and artists Soek Hyun Han and Ken Kocses.

Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to various panels and artist discussions that all had one basic underlying question in common: “What are we building in Bushwick? Can we create a model that serves to the good of all?”

Here is what we experienced:










… and how was your drift?