By Ms. Marquise

After weeks of lazy summer heat, a front of cool autumn air revives the electric current between my neurons and spark my enthusiasm back into the creative rotation of the universe. With that productivity comes a sincere motivation to be productive by false means, such as spending more hours awake. I have had a terrible sleeping schedule all summer, comprised of mostly working after sunset, but this change in climate has only enforced this schedule with irrationality. Every day I plan to wear myself out earlier than the night before, but perhaps try to hard, as I only burn myself out too early, then have to rest before continuing my plan for the day around the same time that most would be retiring for the night. My thoughts about what more there is left to accomplish in my agenda keeps me awake during these rest periods, while I am too exhausted to actually sustain any level of productivity other than lying down and watching Mad Men or whatever show series is first in my Netflix instant que that month. I have tried valerian root, melatonin, red wine, food comas, and alternately – jogging. The result is either I feel too good to waste it on sleep, I feel too full to lie down, or too energized to sit – respectively.

Sometimes I make the mistake of throwing stimulants into the mix…

Late night espressos at Goodbye Blue monday, loosies [loose cigarettes bought individually – for those of you new to the black market of Brooklyn tabacco], and Chateau Diana “Wine Product” from Mr. Kiwi – sold all hours of the night due to its low alcohol content.

…and end up sitting on my new stoop with my new toy, taking photos of green things before their time of decay, against this concrete sunrise.


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