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Three days after I spent approximately 10 hours shooting and two weeks in loose pre-production, I was back on set in my own home. Slash, studio. Slash, showroom.

This time I was the eye candy. Gillian Bowling had been putting together a concept and mood boards outlining how I was to be an object within my own boudoir, a curiosity. Focusing on makeup, accessories and clothing which was to be worn as accessories, she put together three very compelling looks.

The make up for these looks was to be done by Rose Fortuna, a make up artist from Gillian and my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Where in many cases makeup is thought to be applied only to the face, the outline read:  feet and hands are painted and adorned with lace, ribbons and bows.

The morning of the shoot, the day after my actual birthday [ one I had been celebrating privately all week with boyfriend dinners and occasional fondus ] I woke up to to my phone ringing that they had arrived.

At 11am the three inspired ladies plunged into small vials full of brilliant pigments and soft brushes full of element only the chemists at MAC dare to concoct. 2500 watt bulbs filled the white insides of umbrella diffusers, and shone brightly on my face, warming me against the chill in the dining room native to this house. I embraced the attention, allowing for my mind to rest easy and my body to acclimate to the upright position I rarely experience before afternoon hours. Before I knew it, it was 2pm, sushi had been ordered, consumed, digested, and we were ready to set up the first set; we moved into the living room.

Look 2 : The Turret

Between Holding taxidermied jack rabbits and the long horns of a bull I steadied myself on tables and chairs, in

teetering heels and headdress crowns. Meanwhile the two ladies juggled cell phones, an SLR camera and an umbrella light mounted on a tripod.

The words “twitter” and “tweet” were heard as much as “look up” and “look down.” I knew a great many behind the scenes shots would be posted later that night, I couldn’t wait to see them [ and here they are ].

Look three was soon glued to my face. Twiggy eyelashes and glitter lips reminiscent of club kid days, but much more demure.

After we were done with look three in the studio room, I ran to the bathroom. I had a couple accessories of my own.

I put them on.

Posing, all I could think was, “Move over Manson of 2001, I got this look down.”

Curious Wednesday is a weekly column written and driven by personality of Ms. Marquise discussing the insides of her head in relation to things around her. New topics can be found on the Bushwick Daily every Wednesday, while you can find her productions listed on False Aristocracy.

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