Slideluck Bushwick

on Saturday was simply fun and a party! Whether you were one of the hundreds who were at 3rd Ward or missed the party or the slideshows, I’m sure you will enjoy our selection of four slideshows that we liked very much. Here!

1. Postcards from Bushwick, by enfant terrible of contemporary photography Rafael Fuchs.

2. A little bit of Manhattan for Bushwick people who have already forgotten how the island looks like, by Danny Arenas.

3. Nathaniel Ward‘s project After the Women of Paradise explores the media-dictated cliche of female sexuality through images of women in pornography magazines distributed along Paradise Road in Las Vegas (Also, I want to marry that guy).

4. Very exclusively ­čśë Never publicly shown, the unedited version of Bushwick. Beauty. Beast., a┬ácollaboration between Katarina Hybenova & Robin Grearson & Quel Beast.