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Whether you’re a Bushwick business looking to hire students, or a Bushwick resident who is currently enrolled in college or grad school, you will love the new site, QuadJobs!

“College students are uniquely attractive to a wide range of employers,” said Betsy O’Reilly, co-founder and CEO of QuadJobs. “Yet they’ve been a fragmented labor force that’s difficult to reach. QuadJobs brings employers and students together in a streamlined way that benefits both sides tremendously.”

Students have proved eager to use the service. Since the startup’s launch in November 2014, more than 2,000 college and graduate students in Fairfield and Westchester Counties have registered for QuadJobs. QuadJobs has developed a presence at twelve campuses, including Fairfield University, Manhattanville, Iona, Pace, SUNY Purchase, Sacred Heart, UCONN, and University of Bridgeport.

“The response from students has been incredible,” Andra Newman, co-founder and Head of College Recruitment, said. “They need extra income and help launching their careers. QuadJobs is useful to them in the short-term and long term. We’re excited to bring our concept to a national stage in 2015, starting with our expansion into the New York City market.”

As of February, QuadJobs has connected New York City employers with students from Barnard University, Columbia, FIT, The New School, NYU, Fordham and others.


QuadJobs’ pricing model is straightforward. For $8.95/ month, employers subscribe to QuadJobs and can post unlimited jobs. Once a job is posted, they hear back from applicants who fit their criteria.

Jobs or interviews can be booked in minutes and employers can contribute written reviews and ratings to student profiles. These factor into a student’s “JobGPA”—the employment track record that each student accrues on the site.

“A student’s JobGPA is very important when I’m hiring,” said Lindley Pless of Greenwich, who has used the site for professional and personal reasons. “QuadJobs connects me with the flexible help I need, and I feel comfortable knowing that the students I’m hiring are ‘tried and true’—vetted by other members of my community.”


The service is completely free to currently enrolled college and graduate students. Students create a profile, including their credentials, certifications, and JobGPA. They choose how they would like to be alerted to new job opportunities for which they are qualified. Unlike other sites, students keep all the money they make and positive reviews build their resumes and foster future hires.

Each campus has several “School Captains” to help students make the most of what QuadJobs offers. Students are provided with the opportunity to process a background screen, which are handled by a third party service.

“As a student, I need employment that is flexible and local,” said Liz Peck, a student at Fairfield University who has found several jobs through QuadJobs. “I find jobs that suit my schedule and skills. I don’t pay for the service, and I don’t have to give away anything I’ve earned. My friends and I like the idea that we’re doing something more than just make money. We’re building our resumes so that we can get hired after graduation for the jobs we want.”