All photos by Lucia Reed for Bushwick Daily

The fine minds that brought us boobs, booze, and barbecue are at it again – this time with Pizza Party, an 80s-themed bar and restaurant across the street at 254 Irving Ave in Bushwick.

When the rustic Verde Coal Oven Pizza closed its doors back in January, Kristen North and Paul King, co-owners of Boobie Trap, saw an opportunity to expand. They moved into the space and began renovations, adding a bar, leopard-print booths, and filling the walls with action figures, comic books, and myriad other kitschy treasures.

A month and a half later, the result is a wall-to-wall throwback that would make Wayne Campbell weep with joy.

While the décor is indeed playful (looking at you, Super Mario mural), Pizza Party’s menu offers some seriously inspired eats thanks to its resident “snackticion,” Miguel McDaniel.

On your way to the restroom enjoy some Super Mario nostalgia.

There are nine pizzas to choose from, ranging from $13 to $20, including the delicious “Can You Fig It!” (sun-dried figs with mushrooms, swiss chard, marinated chicken, and a green veggie sauce) and “The Charlie,” a cheese-and-honey pie dedicated to former owner, Charlie Verde. The pies can be ordered as 12-inch, 16-inch, or Sicilian style, and all can be made vegan or gluten-free for additional charge.

If pizza’s not your thing or you’re just in the mood for something different (note: I can’t speak from personal experience, as this has never happened to me), you’re in luck. The menu offers some pretty awesome sandwich options, too.

Being from the Midwest, Kristen said she pushed to get both the Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich (“It’s not a cheesesteak!!!”) and hot dog (“No ketchup, sorry dude”) onto the menu. Similarly, the Jojo fries, thick-cut potato wedges tossed in gluten-free flour, paprika, and seasoning salt, are a nod to Seattle, the hometown of Paul and Miguel.

If there’s still room, try the tiramisu, made with vanilla bean and Coca-Cola, or one of the rotating flavors of ice cream, like the incredible Malbec Chai Tea with caramel sauce. Miguel is always experimenting with new flavors, so be on the lookout for some interesting combinations, like Orange Mint Sriracha and a Capri Sun-inspired ice cream this summer.

Rice Wine Cocktail and their popular40 oz

Pizza Party’s current lunch special, available Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., is a solid deal: $12 for a personal pie and soda, with the choice of a salad or Jojo fries. Starting next week, the shop will also begin running local deliveries, and soon you’ll be able to stop by for Tuesday trivia nights.

Having been in Bushwick for a slightly less than a year now, Kristen says she loves the neighborhood and hopes that love is reciprocated. On Sunday night, the place was crowded by 9 p.m., with a youngish mix of folks sharing pies and drinking beers.

“You just feel comfortable here,” she said of the vibe she’s created with Paul and Miguel. “All three of us bring something to the table. Miguel is an amazing, creative chef. Paul is amazing with the beverage program and front of house. And I’m doing décor. I felt like the combination of the three of those things creates something special.”

When asked if Pizza Party is a better place to come with friends, family, or a date, Kristen responded, “All of the above.”

“This is a great place to hang with friends, but first dates can be so awkward, you know? Here you’re surrounded by talking points,” she laughed, gesturing to a wall painted to match the pattern of Ferris Bueller’s vest.

The owner decorated toy car mirror and cloud lamps.

Whether you’re with friends or a significant other, drop by and share a pie by the glow of a lava lamp, under the watchful gaze of a giant Spicoli. From the menu to the walls, there really is something for everyone here. Besides, who can’t have fun at a pizza party?

Brick pizza oven from Verde Coal Oven stayed.

Each table has a magic 8 ball. Spot the lava lamps in the window at night.

Curtain door through to Mario World.

Beetlejuice emergency chalk door.

Bathroom ceiling full of baseball cards.