How exciting can St. Patrick’s Day really get in a neighborhood of a never-ending party and delicious locally crafted beers? It’s like every day is a St. Patrick’s Day in Bushwick (if not better), and so we were pleasantly surprised when we heard about Boozy Bushwick, a new fun website dedicated to finding the best happy hour spots in Bushwick, as well as their special bar crawl happening today.

Pinebox Rock Shop, Koda, Tutu’s and 3 Diamond Door will be the bars we head to and each bar will have a special deal for the bar crawlers,” emailed us Loris Jones-Randolph, one of co-founders of Boozy Bushwick.

The bar crawl starts at 5 and ends at 9PM, so we recommend you get back to Bushwick from your day jobs early today in order to enjoy a proper happy hour(s) at these fine neighborhood establishments. Boozy Bushwick will be using the hashtags #boozecrawl and #longlivedaydrinking as well as posting their location on Instagram, phhhoto and Twitter, so that you can join the crawl even if you 5PM start is a little too early for you.

“Ashley and I wanted to hang out at a bar and we realized there wasn’t a place we could go to find happy hours in Bushwick and that day Boozy Bushwick was born,” explained Loris what lead her and her buddie Ashley to start the site. Both Lori and Ashley work in service industry, and so they find themselves to frequently give recommending bars to grab drinks while people wait for tables or to continue their night. Boozy Bushwick has gotten already some tractions, and the founders have started to plan also a summer bar crawl.

Boozy Bushwick St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl, 5-9PM, goes through Pinebox Rock Shop (12 Grattan St), Koda (985 Flushing Ave), Tutu’s (25 Bogart St) and 3 Diamond Door (211 Knickerbocker Ave). Follow them on Instagram for their exact location. The event is free, you can make a small donation here.