New Bar Bizarre Opens in Bushwick with a 3-Day Long Party This Weekend

It’a about time that something BIZARRE opens in our quixotic neighborhood. This new zany bar is brought to us by two Frenchmen, Jean-Stephane Sauvaire and Greg Baubeau. BIZARRE, the name of the new addition to our neighborhood, will open its doors this weekend for the three day long opening party.

I bet some of you old-time New Yorkers are wondering, isn’t there a cafe named Bizarre already? To answer your question, yes there was.  Bizarre Bushwick pays homage to the legendary Greenwich Village café where Andy Warhol discovered Nico and the Velvet Underground in 1965, and where the beat generation held their poetry readings.

Bizarre Bushwick will be also be a performance space for musicians, burlesque dancers, and other performance artists.  In the spring the basement will become an art gallery and will begin to serve food.  The drink menu lives up to the bar’s name. For $12 you will be able to sit back and enjoy an ABOMINABLE SNOW MAN (Plantation 5 years old rum, curacao, honey, one egg, Ground Cinnamon on top) or for $13 an absinthe cocktail. There’s also French wine, beers from around the world and a full bar.

The opening party will start on Friday at 4PM and end on Sunday 11:45PM, so I hope you all have a lot of energy this weekend or some really good drugs.  The festivities will include an “assorted amount of madness,” and erotica. There will also be  a handful of DJs.

BIZARRE is located at 12 Jefferson St, off the Myrtle-Broadway JMZ stop. So, we wonder, how did two Frenchmen come across this location?  The owners, who are both in the film industry, found a house thanks to a film shoot and fell in love.

Stay tune for our zany review on BIZARRE and see you at the opening party!


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