Finally the weekend! Or, wait, didn’t last weekend just happen? This week has flown by for us and has not been devoid of shows- I caught Parquet Courts, DIIV, and School of Seven Bells this week. But, does that mean I’m done? HELL no! And neither should you be! There are so many awesome shows this weekend… and many of them lean towards the psychadelic, which is a perfect leaning if you ask me. Here are some must see shows for the weekend in the ‘hood and beyond…warning, this mind-altering imagery is only the beginning of your weekend experience…

#5 Wojcik, Bugs in the Dark, Butchers and Bakers, Christy & Emily @ Big Snow (Saturday 8 pm) $?

Big Snow is sweet, and we’re glad to see they’re picking up some great shows this weekend. Awesome line-up for this show, and it’s going to get rough with girl-fronted raw rock band Wojcik and funky-and-weird-but-addictive experimental rockers Bugs in the Dark.


#4 Roomrunner, Bambara, Advaeta, Big Ups, Peopling @ Shea Stadium (Friday, 9 pm) $?

Funny this show was scheduled becaaaause I was just listening to Roomrummer, the hard rock / grudge band from Baltimore. Expect moshing.

#3 Blues Control, Sightings, 1-800-BAND @ Cozy Royale (Friday, 8 pm) $10

Droney, ambient, psychadelic music is somehow more doable and even enjoyable with Blues Control from Queens. And Cozy Royale is definitely in East Willyburg, but it’s possibly walkable, and it’s an especially new venue (that doubles as a catering spot??) that deserves the highlight.

#2 Dinosaur Feathers, Shark?, Spook Houses, Haybaby @ Silent Barn (Sat, 8 pm) $7

These guys are locals and play in Bushwick all the time, but doesn’t that make it all the more appealing? Dinosaur Feathers is bursting with playful folk/rock good vibes and Shark? are a fun rock band who might just make you crack up when they sing their title track.  Plus, Silent Barn is pretty rad in case you didn’t know.

#1 Ava Luna, Fox Crane Bear, Bill Baird (of Sound Team) @ Secret Project Robot (Saturday 8 pm) $?

Wowza! What a cool show. Ava Luna, a pop-punk-funk incarnation, has long since transcended Brooklyn fame, but is obviously still humble if they’re going to play SPR on a Saturday. It’s gonna get groovy, y’all.


Not Quite Bushwick…

#3 Christopher Owens (from Girls), Melted Toys @ Bowery Ballroom (Saturday, 9 pm) $20

The strongest rock music of the decade came from band Girls [[[rest in peace]]], who remain one of my favorite groups. Unfortunately they had to part ways. Chris Owens, the puppy-eyed lead-singer is still doing his thing with his acoustic guitar and getting his heart broken while doing it. Won’t you go watch?

#2 Gringo Star, Backwords, Radical Dads @ Glasslands (Friday, 8 pm), $10

Gringo Star are trending, and with good reason- surfy rock with roaring hooks, jingling synths, and a spoken-for tambourine that sounds like it was made in the 70s- who doesn’t love it? Plus, Backwords and Radical Dads are both great BK staples. Check em out!


#1 PC Worship, People of the North, Arrington de Dionyso, Andrew Cedermark, Peace Season @ Cake Shop (Friday 8 pm), $8

I saw PC Worship last weekend opening for Parquet Courts and was intrigued to say the least. Drugs and rock’n’roll, oh, and a dude jamming out on the floor. Coupled with the equally psychadelic and way more ambient People of the North, who seem to be a little less strung out. Woo.