Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of being the first of the Bushwick Daily family to try Mominette, a new French Restaurant that opened at 221 Knickerbocker on the corner of Troutman. The bar & bistro’s golden glow is a gorgeous (although slightly out-of-place) vision on the block, which features bodegas, a massive dollar store, a laundry mat, and the recently renovated Associated Market. Despite its uncanny location, the restaurant is here to stay, with its classic furnishings, romantic atmosphere, friendly staff, and fantastic food. From perfecting French staples like Escargot and Creme Brulee to simply nailing Mac’N’Cheese, Mominette is without a doubt Bushwick’s Best New Restaurant.

Mominette, which features full dinner and brunch service, doubles as a romantic bar with a full menu of Brooklyn-specific beverages concocted by their resident bartender. My favorite was the Take Me Home- a satisfying blend of Passionfruit Puree and Makers Mark, spiced with Chile de Arbol. It was the perfect beverage to sip on while peering at the candle-lit restaurant’s unique decour- from vintage chandeliers to newsprint wallpaper and bottles of Mominette’s own wine.

As far as French cuisine goes, I have never had better eats in New York. Afraid of trying Escargot? Don’t let your distressed taste buds hold you back any longer. Love Escargot? You’ve found your neighborhood joint. Snails have never tasted as rich- baked with tomatos and garlic & topped with parsley, the rare dish is served with crispy french bread.

Mominette is the beautiful incarnation of the shared vision of three men. Jean Pierre Marquet is the big name behind the restaurant, a Frenchman who owns Williamsburg brunch staple Le Barricou and Cobble Hill bakery Marquet Patisserie. Laurent Sorel, who is also French, managed Marquet Patisserie before partnering up with Marquet to form Mominette. And Steven Mark Sciacca is the energetic voice of the operation, whom you might see sitting in the cafe, reading emails over a drink.

It’s safe to say we were wowed by Bushwick’s newest addition. Mominette is open daily, and has a menu featuring a varying pasta, soup, and platter of the day. For reference, last week the pasta was tomato and cream, incredible chicken soup equal parts acidic and hearty, and fall-apart-in-your-mouth bourgignion. If you’re still not convinced, spin by and look at the prices- nearly the entire menu is under $20. Oh, and bring dollar bills- it’s cash only. Bon Apetit!