Bushwick Daily Holiday Party Was Fab + See Your Face in Our Photo Booth!

It took us about three days to recover… but we are back. Bushwick Daily Holiday Party was very likely the coolest holiday party of all times, and we’re so happy we spent it with you!

On Sunday night, the weather sucked; it was drizzling and the Bushwick warehouse promenade wasn’t exactly inviting. However, Bushwick Daily team was running around Brooklyn Fire Proof like a bee hive, hanging photographs; preparing  the ultra-fabulous photo booth; setting up the bands and sipping whiskey. To warm up!  …And then you guys stared to come, and suddenly the house was full, the strobe lights in the photo booth where bleeping, and everybody was having fun! Bushwick Daily Holiday Party was an excellent example of terrific team work. Pure love was floating in the air, and once the party started there was no end to it. Or wait, we just don’t remember it….

Anyway, this is what went down that night:

Over 20 happy Bushwick Daily contributors;

Over 200 happy Bushwick Daily readers;

13 excellent photographers featured in the Bushwick 2012 photo show;

2 awesome bands (Phantom Power and Kent Odessa — the third band got sick, unfortunately);

Rivers of beer and whiskey!

The photo booth resulted not only in a ton of fun on the spot but also to subsequent tagging madness when we posted them on Facebook. Tag yourself too!

Guys, thank you very much for the amazing year of 2012. We wish you absolutely lovely and peaceful Holidays (let’s not end the World yet, alright?) and see you around Bushwick!



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