Nestled on the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Charles Place (a small, no-outlet road about a block down from Bushwick Avenue mostly known for the cafe Little Skips), a new vegetarian pizza place has just opened up.

Norbert’s Pizza, a collectively owned and operated pizza shop, is adorned with quaint bric-a-brac wall decor and is even complete with a Mrs. Pac-man arcade game that costs just 25 cents to play! The menu is simple and attractive to vegetarians AND vegans, offering a regular cheese slice, a grandma slice, a vodka slice, and a vegan slice made from daiya mozzarella, plus garlic and cinnamon knots. Delicious, plus if any of you are as sick of hearing Pit-Bull while you munch on pizza as I am, you’ll enjoy the classic jazz Norbert’s has playing during its working hours.

The shop is run by young locals and one employee who goes by the name of Sasha says he’s excited about how the place is run more than anything. As he said, “No bosses. Everything is based on effort and time put it in. It’s run by a bunch of crazy people. The pizza is good and people like it, it’s not pretentious at all.” Sounds like this pizza shop is embodying the Bushwick spirit!