Last week we posted the cute guys edition of Bushwick street fashion. This week it’s the ladies’ turn. …and you can hum She’s a Lady by Tom Jones while looking at these lovely ladies we met in the Bushwick streets…

Another beautiful dog walker .

What is with these Bushwick dog walkers? They’re all massively cute.

I need to get a dog! 

Jessica is a photographer. She also used to bartend in the same restaurant like Kirsti from one of the previous street fashion posts. We met by chance in Bushwick. Isn’t this world small? Looking chic, Jess!

Lizzy was meeting up with  Jessica for a drink, and we were really amazed by her beautiful white dress!

She’ s got her own style and we like that!

Please let us know what you would like to see next in the street fashion series!

Just don’t say cute guys again 😉