Jacque Medina


Last week, Mission Chinese head chef Danny Bowien hinted that the  Manhattan–by way of San Francisco–Asian fusion hotspot would be coming to our sweet neighborhood. 

And if that’s not cool enough, 100 lucky mortals will be able to come to the opening night. Hidden inside the third issue of Mission Chinese Food Recipes magazine will be 100 golden tickets that will get those who find them into the event. Five super lucky people will find inverted-color tickets that will get them a free meal and even a high five from Bowien himself.

Grubstreet wrote that at a TimesTalks panel, amidst culinary heavy hitters Anthony Bourdain and Kim Severson, Bowien alluded to a possible Brooklyn location for Mission Chinese. While Bowien’s choice to expand his Asian fusion venture to New York’s trendiest borough may shock no one, it certainly created a buzz among Brooklyn foodies. 

An Instagram post from 8 Ball Community Inc.,  a non-profit art collective that works closely with Bowien and Mission Chinese, later revealed that the restaurant would be opening a Bushwick location in March of 2018.

According to the post, Mission Chinese’s Bushwick edition will be located at 599 Johnson Ave., which is the address of the hot new music and arts venue, Elsewhere, located near Jupiter DiscoBunker Vietnamese, and meadery Honey’s.

A source close to Elsewhere confirmed that Mission Chinese will be located in the same building like Elsewhere, as another tenant. 

While we’re aware of the hype surrounding Mission Chinese, we’re curious to see if Bowien can stay out of commercial real estate hot water. In 2016, Bowien’s landlord took him to court over his Lower East Side Mission Cantina location, claiming he had violated the contract. 

Can the restaurant’s glam atmosphere and (admittedly) delicious menu items make up for the potential drama? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

What do you think of Mission Chinese’s new Bushwick location?

Featured image courtesy of Mission Chinese