If you’ve ever ordered takeout so you didn’t have to cut short your binge-watch of “Transparent,” one titan of the internet has some welcome news for you: Amazon has launched a Brooklyn food delivery service, and they’ve got Bushwick covered.

It seems that Amazon didn’t want to be outdone by Uber, which launched UberEATs this fall, or leave the Kings County takeout market to Seamless and Grubhub, which are technically the same thing now anyway, like Yelp and Eat24, sort of.

The company that hosts your website, sells your novel and sends you Airheads at the push of a button has partnered with 130 restaurants around the borough to bring hungry Amazon Prime subscribers their favorite meals in under an hour without an delivery fee.

Participating establishments in and around Bushwick include Ange Noir Cafe and its speakeasy Hell Phone, vegan destination Champs Diner, Broadway’s Divine Bar and Grill, Knickerbocker Avenue cheese and sandwich shop Foster Sundry, San Diego Mexican style newcomer Lucha Lucha, House of Yes’ in-house eatery Queen of Falafel, and the Bushwick Bagel House.

There are also plenty of pizza options: both locations of Norbert’s Pizza, the takeout menu from Roberta’s and ’80’s-themed Irving Avenue joint Pizza Party are all on the Amazon list.

So if you’re only starting to get your dinner options together now….you know what to do. Bon appétit, Bushwick!

Featured image: Lucha Lucha’s delicious tacos. Photo by Alonzo Maciel for Bushwick Daily.