It’s no coincidence winter is prime movie watching time. The days are short and cold, and we all need an escape from the dreariness outside. Thankfully, during the chilly week ahead, Bushwick will be blessed with some great viewing options for the casual moviegoer and the film buff alike.

 idiocracy @ Syndicated, Sunday through monday at various times, $3

Nothing will get you into an election night mood quite like this 2006 classic from writer director Mike Judge. In the world of the film, Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph wake from a cryogenic sleep 999 years later than they were supposed to and find that life on Earth has changed almost beyond recognition. Hilarious!

—Except the twist for viewers watching 10 years after the movie’s premiere is that we’re already staring straight into the black void “Idiocracy” shows us. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho sounds a lot like our least favorite orange prune man.

 “Color Giants: Brooklyn Animation Expo 2016” @ Brooklyn Fire Proof, Saturday, 6pm-Midnight, Free

This local screening is part of Comic Arts Brooklyn, which draws over 7,000 attendees each year.

Film programmer Kenneth Filmer tells Bushwick Daily he’s especially excited about “Seoul Station,” an animated South Korean zombie feature screening in the United States for the first time at 10:15 p.m.

The rest of the lineup is similarly weird and difficult to see elsewhere, featuring dirty morning cartoons and animated shorts presented in conjunction with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. As with all Brooklyn Fire Proof screenings, Terra Firma will be serving some delicious eats.

  Nitehawk Shorts Festival, NOvember 9-13, Various Times

The fourth iteration of this festival is sure to be quite the production with shorts starring bona fide movie stars such as Oscar Isaac and at least one locally shot gem which already made an appearance at Cannes, the jewel in any film’s festival crown.

Sarah is Not Her Name” stars Christina Paterno, who says “most of our team hail from Bushwick and Williamsburg and have always been very inspired by the artistic community here.” Their pre-production meetings took place in Kave, and Paterno adds, “We were always very committed to utilizing local, and showcasing local.”

Other highlights at the fest include the “Midnite” horror and sci-fi screening. The punchline alone of Alice Shindelar’s “I Want You Inside Me” is worth the price of admission.

So get those eyeballs ready for a visual workout, Bushwick!

Featured image: Still from “Sarah is Not Her Name.” Photo courtesy of Christina Paterno.