When was the last time you had Cambodian food? If you’re ready to do that again and amenable to it being vegan and made with locally sourced ingredients— and you’d be happy to have a portion of the proceeds from your dinner benefit a good cause, but you’d rather not leave the neighborhood for it, tonight’s your lucky night: Troutman street newcomer Precious Metal is hosting a pop up vegan Cambodian dinner tonight that looks totally delicious.

Stop by the cocktail bar, located at 143 Troutman Street between Central and Evergreen, between 6pm and 11pm tonight for a plant based Cambodian feast. The menu is small, but well crafted: the main dishes are Cha Kreung, a lemongrass stir-fry, and a Num Pang sandwich made with the exceptionally good Barry’s Tempeh, which is produced in New York City. Each main is $12. There will also be two side dishes: a Khmer street corn with coconut milk and chili and Cambodian style pickled vegetables, which are $5 each.

Profits from the event will go back to Cambodia, where they will benefit the home village of the chef. An official cocktail menu for the evening is not available, but Precious Metal’s mixologists are skilled at adapting their specials to complement their events—and if none of the drink specials for the evening jump out at you, the house bloody marys are second to none.

Precious Metal’s owners, who also run Pine Box Rock Shop, home base of NYC’s Vegan Shop Up, have a good track record for offering up delicious vegan food: the Shop Up has showcased plenty of small local businesses in their early stages, helping them establish a customer base and launch bigger projects, (not to mention that Precious Metal also recently launched a waffle brunch partnership with local vegan bakers Brooklyn Whiskers).

Check out the menu below!