Photo by Peter Dressel for Bushwick Daily

If you stopped by Heavy Woods during brunch last weekend, you might’ve noticed that they’ve got a big back room now. Up until today, the space was only soft-opened, as they worked out all the kinks with the expanded seating area. But tonight they’re going to officially launch the Back Woods portion of Heavy Woods — a cavernous new room with a second bar, large private booths, and plenty of space for twinkle-toeing.

So come by and celebrate tonight, they’ll be throwing a FREE party and debuting a bunch of new specialty cocktails, designed by their beverage director, Gabriel Adair. Plus, like, have you eaten the cracklin’ pork belly over there recently? It’s liable to re-blow your mind, if it’s been awhile. Party’s running from 9 PM to 4 AM, don’t miss this opportunity to swizzle fancy ‘tails and gorge yourself on deviled eggs and pig belly while dancing the night away.

Heavy Woods is located at 50 Wyckoff Ave.