Chips and salsa, wine and cheese, beers and pretzels — all consumptions that work in conjunction with one another to make your experience better. Introducing “Mixtape,” a new show that does just that with live music and live dance. Produced by Indie-Ballet Collaborative, “Mixtape” is happening at Radio Bushwick TONIGHT and it’s a dance party you don’t want to miss.

Under the direction of Ariel Asch, Indie-Ballet Collaborative aims to forge a synergistic relationship between dance and other art forms, whether that be music, teaching or your own interpretation of visual art. They’ll be kickin’ it (literally) with Lulu Fall + James Theory, an NYC-based soul music duo. This is Lulu and James’ first time working with dancers, and they told us they’re really excited!

Photo of Indie-Ballet Collaborative by Tony McGowan.
Lulu Fall + James Theory, courtesy of the artists.

Indie-Ballet’s latest project is not only introducing new musicians to their resume, but also inviting multiple choreographers and dance genres to the stage, including Daniel “the grouch” Holt and flexer, Klassic Carrella. The featured choreographers work varies from contemporary to hip hop, ranging from serious to playful and both spatially broad and intimate. When Bushwick Daily watched them in rehearsal the artists discussed making a large “U” shape to create room for the audience, as well as the tactics of how to avoid kicking the musicians, because of the dancers’ close proximity.

These dancers are not afraid to play. In fact, they thrive on it to make their collaborative project a success. Weaving in and out of base guitars and enhancing live vocals with interpretive gestures, the audience is treated to multiple interpretations at once. Expect the dancers to get close to you — this company loves audience interaction, if only to warm everyone up and make you groove to the tunes. Lulu and James’ soulful music allows the dancers to explore curvy and sensual movement, fluid without being overly sexualized.

Lulu and James take notes as the dancers rehearse.

Indie-Ballet has performed with bands Sasha Daniel Trio, Foreign Fields and Silas Fermoy, to name a few. Asch’s ideals and ongoing successful presentations are wonderful experiments for both artistic communities, exposing music fans to dance and vice versa. Plus, the element of a live dance experience is so much better than watching popping and locking on your computer screen.

If you want to warm up before the dancers take the stage, get there early to hear The Visions start the night off with some funk.

Thursday, September 18th @ Radio Bushwick (off Jefferson L train). Doors @ 8:00pm, $10.