Welcome to Friday Foodstagram, where we round up some of the most appetizing looking Insta’s from everyone’s favorite neighborhood establishments. Don’t have time to browse everyone’s Instagram to figure out what you’re gonna stuff in your mouth this weekend? That’s the kind of time-saving shenanigans this round up can do for ya. Hashtag your photos #BushwickEatz to appear here next week!

#1 Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy @ Orleans Po’ Boys (603 Hart St, @OrleansNYC)

Like a lobster roll, or a tall glass of kombucha, the po’ boy is a flush summertime delicacy. And guys, summer isn’t over until you’ve made the Food Truck Rounds to Bushwick’s two new-ish food trucks. Across from Bossa Nova Civic Club, you’ll find Orleans, a po’ boy dispensary tucked into a cozy little gravel garden. And a po’ boy doesn’t fuck around: this’ll power you through a long, sweaty night of shakin’ it at Bossa Nova.

#2 Dorado Carpaccio @ Momo Sushi Shack (43 Bogart St, @MomoSushiShack)

mmm look at dat fish

#3 Watermelon Cooler @ Tutu’s (25 Bogart St, @TutusBrooklyn)

In another bid to hang on to these last sublime days, Tutu’s drops a watermelon cooler in your lap. But, excuse me sir, I ordered a hot toddy! Not yet you don’t, sip on this like it’s still July, and then go roller skating with your hot summer squeeze.

#4 Sliders @ The Diggs (26 St Nicholas Ave, @bite_bushwick)

And on the other side of town, another new-ish Food Truck beckons. The Diggs made a home on that hotbed of bustle on the corner of Troutman and St Nicholas, and they seem to fit right in. Serving up all kinds of decadent delights (lobster topped fries, oh my!) the Diggs will sell you sustenance when it’s time to take a break from swinging from the chandeliers at Lot 45.

#5 Jalapeño Popper @ Fritzl’s Lunch Box (173 Irving Ave, @fritzlslunchbox)

Another garden party from the folks who brought you sausage party and America Day. Tonight from 6 PM onwards, for a mere $25, you can get some combination of these fine looking crab-meat stuffed poppers, carne enchilada burritos, blood sausage tamales, chips and salsa, and draft beer. No better way to start a night of reckless drinking and baboonery than with a belly full of fiesta.