The Denzels. (image courtesy of the artist)

This next installment of Friday First spotlights local Bushwick favorites and all-around awesome dudes, The Denzels. “Blow” is the band’s latest release, a 7” slice of pure happiness that we’re ready to sling your way. Friday First is a weekly column that features new releases from both local and national bands.

The follow-up to 2012’s Easy Tiger EP, “Blow” contains the evocative title track plus an equally infectious B-side, “Self Talk.” Packed with breezy hooks, background “oohs” and warm, sweeping melodies, “Blow” is deceptively pleasant. “Why won’t you get off my dick?” singer Tommy Hinga asks, smack in the middle of a drug-laced tirade against a (most likely former) significant other. “Self Talk,” on the other hand, rips right into dueling post-punk bass lines and jagged riffs, cushioning Hinga’s melancholy mantra of “I talk to myself” that is repeated throughout the song. Homie could use a friend, we suppose, but The Denzels’ DIY-yet-polished brand of lo-fi garage rock is thoroughly charming nonetheless. They’ve come a long way since we first heard them back at CMJ in 2012, and we’re excited to see where this new, sophisticated sound takes them.

You can order the “Blow” 7″ here (we <3 vinyl!) if you’re ready to get your Denzels groove on.