Bushwick Mixer: Kiss And Tell from Heavy Woods

I am not a narcissist but this is me explaining the awesomeness of the Kiss & Tell.

Tough days demand a good glass of wine, football days wouldn’t turn into football nights without beer, and if you’re having a truly exceptional night, you need a Kiss & Tell from Heavy Woods. This Bushwick Daily correspondent posits that the positive energy coming out of this drink will make you a happier person, the kind of person who creates, and enjoys, better evenings.

The Kiss & Tell in all of its greatness. (All photos by Gustavo Ponce)

This drink is delicious. The Beefeater packs an intoxicating punch alongside the Campari, which is bitter and unforgiving and gives body to the drink. The two spirits prove to be a perfect union with the addition of lime juice, simple syrup and fresh mint, enabling the imbiber to conjure up the strength for a great night out with friends, acquaintances, or perfect strangers strolling on Wyckoff Avenue.

Drinking a Kiss & Tell is like being in a good dubstep song. The drink is vibrant pink, a color as energizing as its taste, and looks as if it came out of the movie Spring Breakers.

The interior of Heavy Woods.

The Kiss & Tell is an ingenious creation by Kiki and Gabe of Heavy Woods, and it’s a tour de force. It is $11, and it’s well worth it every penny.

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