Banksy Hit Bushwick, And He Hit It Hard! [Locations Updated]

Banksy’s Bushwick Ave graffitti (all images via

Just yesterday we at Bushwick Daily were wondering whether sir Banksy from England, currently on his monthly “residency” in the streets of New York, would be brave enough to show up in Bushwick and paint something. I even tweeted this:

I only have 1 wish for October: #banksyny in #Bushwick. Pleaaase!

— katarina hybenova (@kamelka) October 2, 2013

And guess what? This morning it was all over Instagram; Banksy hit a Bushwick wall (alongside with a wall in Williamsburg and Delancey)! Or shall we say an East Williamsburg wall! Gothamist says the piece can be found on 208 Bushwick Ave! So run there and dance around it in joy – just don’t paint over it!

Bansky is so in New York right now! He is so in New York that he even has a website called (and an Instagram @banksyNY), where he posts his pieces every day alongside a toll free phone number that you can dial to listen to his comments about the piece. His Bushwick piece doesn’t have audio information available as of yet but we’ll keep you posted! And Banksy, my lad, keep ’em coming, please!!


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