An Apartment in St. Mark’s Church Has Just Shattered Rental Records in Bushwick

Evan Haddad


A unit in a recently-converted church has just become the priciest rental ever in Bushwick history.  

A two-room apartment in St. Mark’s church at 626 Bushwick Ave. was rented today for a whopping $5,700 per month, Bushwick Daily has learned.

Moin Siddiqui, a real estate agent from Nooklyn who brokered the record-breaking deal, informed us of the rental in an email around noon. According to the agent, the unit is a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in a historic clock tower triplex of St. Mark’s. And yes — it really costs $5,700 per month. Here’s what it looks like inside:

We asked Siddiqui what kind of credit score and income was required to rent the apartment.

“Unfortunately I can’t give credit info, but current customer is someone who’s a very well known person from a start-up company,” he told us in a follow-up email.

We’ve been covering rental developments in St. Mark’s church for several years, and while we reported that the units were pricy, this news has shocked even us. At the time of our last report in late November, there were twenty-five apartments still available to rent from $2,150 to $3,925 per month.

Cover image courtesy of Nooklyn

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