Who’s More Annoying – You or Your Partner? Find out at This Relationship Game Show in Ridgewood

Evan Haddad


Here’s a riddle to start your day, Bushwick: what begins with the letter “y” and is the most annoying person in my relationship that is not me?

That’s what a pre-Valentine’s Day game show on Radio Free Brooklyn hopes to answer.  

Self-proclaimed psychotherapist Dr. Lisa Levy, whose love advice columns have regularly appeared on Bushwick Daily, will host “Who’s More Annoying?” at The Footlight on Jan. 29, inviting three lucky couples to harp on about annoying shit their partner does, and win a prize doing it.

The pairs will answer common relationship questions about traveling, cooking, socializing, sex, and more. In true game show fashion, each person in the couple tries to guess what their partner finds annoying about them.

The most annoying partner — we’re not exactly sure how that’s determined —  wins the couple a dinner for two at a local restaurant.

The only requirements to play are that you are in a relationship, easily annoyed and/or really annoying. If you stand in front of a mirror and see this, then you definitely qualify:  

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