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Bushwick dogs are howlingly happy this week because they finally got their own playground. A dog run has opened on the north end of Maria Hernandez Park, on Irving and Willoughby.

Dogs and owners are equally excited by the development. “It’s good for them to socialize with other dogs”, says one resident, “it’s good for their temperament.” Charlotte, who owns eleven-year-old Junebug, remarked that prior to the dog park options were very limited. “My friend used to take her dog to the local baseball field, but you had to watch you didn’t get a ticket.”

Even residents who don’t own a dog were impressed with the park’s newest addition. “It’s good that they got their own park”, says one woman, “ ’cause now they don’t do doodoo in ours!” You can’t argue with that logic.

There was lots of roughhousing going on this morning. If you bring a ball or frizbee, prepare for it to be communally devoured. There’s some big energy from all those excited pups. That’s not to deter the more senior members of our canine community—there’s room for you too, if you can tolerate all those silly juniors.