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Shotzy, a local pup with a lot of personality and an adoring family running his Instagram account, is more than just an internet-famous cutie and a fixture on Bushwick’s canine social circuit. With one of his humans, he’s half of a volunteer home visit team for the nonprofit Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, helping the organization vet prospective adopters.

The four-year-old terrier mix, who has accrued nearly 2,000 followers on Instagram since his account launched about three years ago, is a Badass adoptee himself. His owners say that he was rescued from a kill list at a shelter in Alabama before he made his way north to New York City.

Scenes from Shotzy’s life, including lots of photos of him snuggling up under the covers and out for walks in his cute cold weather wardrobe, comprise much of his photo feed, though there are plenty of pictures of the little guy romping in area parks, out for drinks and playing with his buddies.

“He loves it when we take him to Maria Hernandez Dog Park!” Troy, one of Shotzy’s owners, tells Bushwick Daily, adding that the family recently got the little guy a 40 foot leash so he can thorough explore Green Central Knoll park, too.

“He is equally happy either playing catch in the little dog section or running around like crazy with the big dogs. Two of his favorite local pups to run into are Alvin and Tina— His best bud is Mr. Fox, though! They even get to go on vacations together!”

Shotzy also likes to tag along to Pine Box Rock Shop, Forrest Point and Precious Metal for treats and good company in the evenings.

Say hello to Shotzy next time you run into him around the neighborhood—and if you could use some cute puppy photos to help you face this freezing Monday, take a look through his delightful Instagram account.