With the plethora of new bands popping up in Bushwick and East Williamsburg, it can be difficult to decide which bands are truly worth the audio hunt. We’ve seen many bands come and go; the good, the bad and the ugly, playing in DIY venues, sticky lofts, and dark, dank basements. Sometimes, though, there’s a band that is worth the follow up.  Here at Bushwick Daily, we’ve developed a big music crush on Your Youth. Their non-synthesized music reminds us that there are bands that still play good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll.

A few years ago I met the drummer from the Brooklyn band, Your Youth. The lineup has evolved since then. They went from a three piece band to a two piece band, then back to a three piece band by adding a new bassist sometime last summer. The new lineup also paved the airwaves for their music to go through a change. Their first EP, Aloha, was a beautiful surf rock whose sound was compared to other oceanic rough-riders Surfer Blood and Wavves. Fun fact: yours truly was in the music video for their first single, Diamond.

Since the Aloha EP, they’ve evolved to a heavier, grungier sound reminiscent of grunge bands of the ’90s. I doubt I need to remind you all of the two biggest grunge bands from two decades ago. Your Youth’s first song since the departure of the first bassist, quirkily titled What Smarts, shows the metamorphosis of the band’s musical influences.

Your Youth’s new single, Thick Gold (Bodied), was released two months ago and premiered in Spin Magazine. Thick Gold (Bodied) features roaring guitars and Kurt Cobain-esque screams, giving the song a nostalgic vibe, reminiscent of the reverb-coated grunge years of (many of our own) youth.

Their new EP, Battery, was released on October 23rd by Brooklyn-based Old Flame Records. The heavy drums from the first single are consistent throughout the whole album and infused with heavy bass sounds. What Smarts acts as the bridge between their old surf song and the new music. Listen to their new album over at Spin,  and be sure to keep an eye out for when these guys play again.