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Bushwick Bark

Bushwick is a great place to own a pet. There are plenty of local pet stores and a great dog park, right in the center of town. Many shops, like Bushy Tails and Bushwick Bark do their part to get animals homes by holding adoptions. And of course, we can’t forget about our great neighborhood vets, Dr. Diaz and Dr. Loose! With such support, it’s no wonder that so many locals are rescuing pets. Check out these amazing stories.

cat rescue

Pet’s Name: Sandy

Owner’s Name: Jen Hitchings

Sandy’s Story: “I adopted this guy, Sandy, from PS9 in Williamsburg. I named him Sandy because my roommate had a black cat named Irene who was found during hurricane Irene. When we wanted another cat naturally it had to be white and named Sandy, and miraculously there was a white kitten up for adoption next to my workplace, so I couldn’t say no. He was scrawny and had some problems when I got him but now he’s doing okay.” 

pigeon uncle albert

Pet’s Name: Uncle Albert

Owner’s Name: Tina Trachtenberg

Uncle Albert’s Story: “I found Uncle Albert in Times Square on the side of the road. He was a baby pigeon that had fallen out of his nest. With the help of the wild bird fund I hand-fed him and cared for him until he was able to fly. I released him out my window and now he returns every day with his new mate Prudence for his meals and fresh water.” 

Corey enjoying his new backyard.

Pet’s Name: Corey

Owner’s Name: Inna and Ray

Corey’s Story: Corey was actually in danger at being dropped off at a kill-shelter when Bushwick Daily got word. We put an ad up on our site, and a lovely couple adopted him. Although he was very wary and timid about others at first, especially men, Inna and Ray took him in and were able to work in rehabilitating him. He now has a backyard and feels better around people. Thank you for saving this dog!


Pet’s Name: Red

Owner’s Name: Carlos

Red’s Story: Red used to belong to a person who evidently didn’t care for him much. He didn’t have the proper environment that Lizards need in order to live a good life, and was purchased just as “a show piece.” Carlos heard about Red’s life and thought he could give him a better home, especially since he already owned two lizards who he had built custom habitats for. He offered some money to Red’s original owner in order to convince him to give him up. Red now has his own custom home too!

mr. boyfriend ms. dohnut

Pet’s Name: Mr. Boyfriend & Ms. Donut

Owner’s Name: Albo & Stuart Südekum

Mr. Boyfriend’s Story: “Seven years ago, my wife and I moved into an illegal basement apartment beneath a girl who had a habit of getting kittens from the pet store, and then ejecting them into the building’s hallway when she was done with them. Mr. Boyfriend was one of these—he was downright hostile, a lean, angry little monster, silvery gray from head to toe. He would scratch himself until his fur came out and he bled, and had forgotten how to clean himself, instead licking at a single spot nervously and soaking himself with drool. One day I cornered and grabbed him, letting him sink his claws and teeth into me. I just kept picking him up and cuddling him, allowing him to do his worst, and after a while he stopped biting me. He still wasn’t a very effective cat—at a shelter, he would have been euthanized without much hesitation—but he learned to be around people, or at least around me. Today, bedtime is his favorite time, and he crawls under the covers like a little person to rest his head on the pillow next to me.”

Ms. Donut’s Story: “One day, one of our neighbors surprised me with news that Boyfriend had somehow escaped into the hallway. I went up to the front hall entryway and, sure enough, there was a little gray ball of fur crammed into a hole in the wall, meowing. I stuck in my hand and pulled the cat out, only to find that it had a white tummy—it wasn’t Boyfriend at all! The cat was about a year old, a beautiful, friendly little girl with a winning personality. Boyfriend was not happy to have company, and spent the next few hours sulking in the bathroom, but, before long, this charming lady had won his heart, and they were cuddling together on the bed. She taught him how to clean properly by smoothing his wet, matted fur for him. These days, Boyfriend still gets upset if we have too many people around or leave him with a cat sitter while we are traveling, but he is miles ahead of where he was, mostly thanks to Miss Donut.”

shelby hamster

Pet’s Name: Shelby

Owner’s Name: Dallas (Me!)

Shelby’s Story: “Shelby had been returned to Petco after someone didn’t want her, and was living in their adoption center for months. Because hamsters don’t live long and she already seemed to be almost a year old, I knew there was a chance she’d would never be adopted out. When I brought her home she wasn’t hand-tamed at all, and was very nervous around humans. She wouldn’t even eat treats since she was never used to them. Now she’s totally comfortable being held and even loves to be petted! Her favorite treat is peanut butter cookies.”

Photo by Phil Buehler.

Pet’s Name: Astro

Owner’s Name: Lisa Levy & Phil Buehler

Astro’s Story: “When, my husband, Phil and I moved to Bushwick in 2011, I was going to be able to work at home and I returned to fostering dogs from Waggytail Rescue, which is great because it’s so well-run and compassionate. More than that it’s a fantastic community of humans, some who’ve become my life-long friends. When we started fostering Astro, Phil said she’s THE ONE. I should have known better than to trust a man being manipulated by a cute face and and slim 5lb. body. I love them both and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but when Astro’s in a bad mood, she can be bitchy. And she’s not a dog person at all. I wind up apologizing to other dog owners by telling them she’s neurotic, just like her mom.”