In Bushwick, we love our pets. SRSLY, how many people do you know here who have a furry, fishy or scaly best friend? So every week we’re featuring a Bushwick pet to show just how great all of these guys are. If you’d like your pet to be featured, please fill out this form. We’re a little backed up right now with submissions, kind of like a karaoke queue, but please submit your pets info anyway. We really want to feature all these lil’ guys.  Now meet Cat Basketball!


Cat Basketball



Favorite place in Bushwick to hang out:

Heavy Woods, because it’s loud and they have Narragansett on draft. [Interesting that Cat Basketball prefers Narragansett…]

Something special about the pet’s personality?

She loves Steves nondairy ice cream with localvore ingredients, and she’s probably the yellingest cat that ever yelled.