Dr. Lisa: Bushwick’s Lost and Founds – Check for Your Shit!

Tandem Lost and Found photo: Scarlett Cava

I realized the other day when I was having a discussion with a friend how I’d like to get a hold of some mitten clips because of what a disaster I am at keeping track of scarves, gloves, sweaters, arghh, all of that. So I thought I would try to help us all with this dilemma in the midst of the worst winter evah by showing you contents of local lost and founds.

The affable, lovely and TALENTED Bushwick Daily photographer Scarlett Cavanaugh-North and I trekked around the hood and photographed a bunch of lost and founds where us Bushwickians may have lost track of our things in a drunken stupor. Shout out to all the local places that were so generous in rounding up shit so we could show it to you. If you see something of yours, please go and claim it. And no, this is not a free thrift store catalogue—grow up!

 If you’d like help with anything at all, please contact, Dr. Lisa at lisa.levy0511ATgmail.com

#1 Lost and Found @ Tandem Bar, 236 Troutman St: Ivy League Kids Loosing Their Shit


Tandem’s lost and found looks like a few post-college kids from good schools lost track of their shit here. This is by far the most comprehensive lost and found in the neighborhood. I wonder if it’s because people wind up taking their clothes off at those dance parties there.

#2 Lost and Found @ The Narrows, 1037 Flushing Ave: Keys and Wallets

The Narrows Lost and Found photo: Scarlett North-Cavanaugh

This lost and found was impressive because of the amount of keys that people had left behind, not to mention wallets! Also a brand-new pair of expensive brand-name shoes.

#3 Lost and Found @ Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St: Orange Coat?!

Pine Box Rock Shop-LOST-AND-FOUND-Dr. Lisa

I have to say I was surprised none of my shit turned up here. And how did someone leave without that orange coat????

#4 Lost and Found @ Kávé Espresso Bar, 1087 Flushing Ave: Don’t forget your keyboard!

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Since this is a coffee shop, predictably less lost shit. But the lost shit was a lot more valuable—a keyboard and headphones!

 #5 Lost and Found @ Cobra Club, 6 Wyckoff Ave:  Yogis are mindful and don’t forget their stuff

Cobra Club Lost and Found photo:Scarlett North-Cavanaugh

For a popular bar and a yoga studio, this lost and found was rather sparse. My explanation is they have great cleaning help and a clientele that leaves their clothes on the floor.

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